Why high-imitation watches to choose the original Swiss watch tools

This article is not a technical paste, just a simple personal sentiment, but by the way comparison of domestic and Swiss original tool only, and uk replica watches and not much relationship. Tomorrow, I intend to take the time to update the details of Super 3135, interested friends can look at. First of all, a brief introduction to the function of this tool is very simple, that is, pry pressure-type watch case, we all know, the watch lock in general to the pressure lock and screw lock-based, this tool only in the watch repair when opening the table cover Need to use, are very useful tools, And the two tools seem to be the same, but replica watches the price difference Switzerland, the original tool, and the difference between the domestic tool about 5 times the way, The picture shows the Swiss original open case tool, First of all I want to declare the purpose of this article I write, not to black Swiss watch brand, on the contrary I have just in addition to the limited funds have to use domestic tools, in the follow-up time, I almost all The use of expensive and neuropathy as the original Swiss tool, in fact, I think about it, I reason to do so, one may be I like clocks and watches, like the quality of things, and I personally think that replica rolex watches as a young Rebellious heart, when other people are thinking about how to save money, at least money to do the most things ~ and I always think is not a little better ... of course, I also let me eat a lot of psychological loss. But I will still continue to do so in my way down. I also hope that in the future can be used in China's bergeon China vacuum test device, the most important thing is not because it is Made in China and choose to do too much compromise on quality