Light and shade innovation: high imitation Panerai movement evolution (a)

For a long time did not write about the history of high-imitation of the article, and today a simple technical itching to write a high imitation table on the innovation process, if you are high imitation table technology, as well as from your side of the wisdom of Chinese tabulation Strong interest, then I really recommend you see this article, I will try to boring this high imitation of the "Historical Records" to write more interesting in a comprehensive statement of the facts at the same time, it is best to write " Story "effect. Tell the truth I have high-imitation technology before 2010, I just hearsay, and no real understanding, but no personal experience, so I do not write the legend of things on the blog, I did not write the novel's talent. Only that I have experienced the fact, The first revolution (June 2012): Key words: white gold lettering movement I believe that rolex replica if the purchase of high imitation table in 2010 before the friends should know that Taobao prevailed, there is no control of high imitation products, and even can be said that high imitation products are Taobao's main sales products, and even Taobao through train consumption Only the domestic machine, Japanese machine, Swiss machine, whether the movement is a quartz or mechanical properties, are the three grades, but also the quality of the machine, Although this approach is still continuing, but in the movement of platinum plating, lettering this process is only in June 2012 after the emergence of the 6497 system before the movement, almost no lettering. So that time to see the gloss can tell authenticity. Of course, when the price of hundreds of one, no one ever thought "how more beautiful", so that the movement board more white and better this problem. The first version of the platinum lettering movement, but simply painted a layer of blue on the screw, and did not dye the entire screw, it will appear a little rough, After August, all the platinum engraving movement used the dyeing screws, and in the lettering technology to do a perfect, making lettering effect is more precise, the initial lettering will be the case of pigment overflow, to now is so naive Workmanship, no matter what grade of high imitation on the table will not appear again. The following figure shows the current use of replica rolex watches the platinum lettering movement, Once again upgrade (December 2012): Keywords: patch thickening lettering, shock absorber upgrade Platinum movement appears, another problem emerged. This movement is Panerai original description for the OP XI movement, in some special limited edition, there are some versions of the back engraved with the Panerai logo, which makes the platinum machine processing has become a super difficult, If directly on the movement, including the goose neck part of the lettering, then the result is very easy to damage the movement, or leave the hidden dangers of instability, making some limited edition Panerai open mold a bottleneck, Then a solution emerged, the top of the platinum movement and then add a layer of about 0.2mm thickness of the substrate, and then the substrate processing time, the platinum plating treatment, and the lettering on the base plate, and then in the 6497 movement To fit, so you can protect the gloss, the same can also avoid unnecessary maintenance. But the initial platinum movement is to use the movement itself made shock absorbers, and the original use of the Inc shock absorbers, coincidentally, this shock absorber can be purchased in public. ETA can also be sold directly. Solve these problems later, platinum machine & Polish Platinum machine program to be greatly promoted, modify the shock absorbers have also been transferred to the marvelous, so Panerai high imitation table, a full hot in 2012 for a long time, I I believe this is the most high imitation of the old players have some resonance. The picture below shows the current version of Platinum Once again change the world (June 2013): original Panerai self-produced automatic movement modification With Platinum and Polish successful experience, in the upper part of the movement to further increase the modification has been expanded, after numerous attempts, the modified version of the P9 system movement came into being, the movement of the basic machine Core for the 7750 series movement, in the past years, high imitation Panerai automatic self-winding movement, has never been so good and beautiful, I believe that in June 2013 before, no one has seen, so good And then later, with the support of the same program, Panerai P9 system movement is almost entirely in this way re-engraved, no doubt, this is a high imitation of the world in the table A revolutionary change. Also makes Panerai again in the new year, a full fire. Of course, the middle of the details of the upgrade, because the relationship between space I do not do a detailed solution. We can observe through pictures, The following is a high imitation Panerai P.9000 movement 1.0 version, which is the earliest original version, the current use of P series movement has completed the upgrade, more beautiful than in the past, if necessary, I will come up with all my Accumulation down the relevant firmware, the camera comparison High imitation Panerai exciting throne of the three This is the high imitation table innovation, but also a layer of interesting than the original place, in the same product, there are numerous kinds of programs, from rough to ordinary, from ordinary to delicate, like a growing child , Which allows you to feel the excitement, is the original can not be given. Because in this industry, and love the reasons for watches, I like to collect a lot of different times, different processes of high imitation watches, watches from China to experience the wisdom of the most open mode of people crazy, I bought all the breath on the market Can see the Rolex Submariner high imitation table, plus an original, one by one dismantling, research. To find out where the process prone to problems, In my opinion, whether it is high imitation uk replica watches , or watches, should study the primary question is "how to make watches such crafts become more beautiful" practicality, rather than "how to build a real" bargain " . There is no doubt that with the accelerated upgrading of intellectual property, the future can not afford the high cost of high imitation table will be less and less, the price will be higher and higher, more high-imitation table will choose other mold industry, or own brand , These for the original brand of understanding of the player-level upgrades and changes will gradually disappear, the great Chinese tabulation of wisdom, will be used in their own brand, which is why I like to collect these various firmware The original intention, and to create a high imitation table is not high imitation table discussion platform important reason, maybe one day, all of them are gone.