Detailed "China produced" (a) super engraved Rolex Cal.3135 movement

On the Rolex Super 3135 movement, I seem to have never done a detailed description of the formal, this time I come to seriously announce this formal movement will also explain in detail the past is just mentioned knowledge points, but also an objective evaluation This movement, if you have been concerned about this movement, or have begun to high imitation or original, but do not understand the secret, then this article is worth a look. Not to mention the masterpiece level of the paper, but at least allow you to talk about the clock in terms of capital. On the work of the explanation, we can search in the local ho forum 3135 movement, you can find I wrote the relevant posts before, you can see a clearer picture, this article, I mainly explain 3135 related functions and objective evaluation of this Movement, the following is the movement of the real shot pictures, it can be said that this movement is currently the best look at the 3135 system movement, whether it is modified version of Seagull ST, or other open model people Do the modifications, and this movement is not beautiful, that this movement is the closest to the original version of the Role Cal.3135 movement version is not any empty words or exaggeration. We can enjoy it. 2: the function of the Department of excellence We all know that uk replica watches SA is famous, not because he is famous for using luxury materials, but his surprise in the design of research, unique practicality, and did not abandon its high-quality perfect culture, But by the professionals love. In the technical aspects of the revolution Rolex Cal.3135 movement, it is a milestone in the Rolex DJ and Sub series of all watches are used in this movement, while a large number of other features of the Rolex movement, but also Are based on this movement to do the amendment. The original Rolex is for this series of movement for up to 70 features patented design, no doubt called the Super 3135 movement, on behalf of the original rolex replica watches movement on the use of the patented design, Re-engraved version has been largely adopted. One of the most personal experience, is to quickly adjust the calendar & fast turn-around time. This is the Rolex SA in the design of an innovation, the traditional ETA movement are mostly used in three gear linkage driven pointer to adjust the time wheel, and Rolex in the head directly inside the drive link, in the gear Directly adjust the bottom, minus the time wheel, so that the adjustment time is appropriate, the head by the resistance is smaller, turn the head, adjust the area greater. Calendar quick adjustment Usually we see the ETA2836-2 & ETA2824-2 & ETA2892-A2 common movement of the three ETA calendar adjustment is usually in the calendar tray below the installation of a gasket for calendar adjustment, but the adjustment of the calendar will be Rolex gear + Spring form. Making the calendar adjustment has become very fast, but also more smoothly, At the same time in the automatic chain on the chain efficiency, Rolex through multi-gear collaboration, creating a completely different from the other watch on the chain texture, which in the high-imitation super 3135 also get the perfect presentation. replica watches uk original use of the Paraflex shock absorber solution, which is developed by Rolex's own shock absorber solutions, Rolex is also one of the invention patents, of course, replicas can not be used and the original exactly the same program, So the shock absorber is only made in the shock absorber on the basis of the material, and then in the appearance of a certain optimization, to achieve closer to the effect of Cal.3135, but 3135 scientific shock, anti-magnetic design and do not do the relevant complex engraved. We must be very strange, why do I always write about the 3135 copy, in my impression, I wrote at least no less than 7 articles on the Super 3135, the first serious statement, I write these articles is definitely not to let everyone buy Install this watch with the Super 3135 movement. Relatively speaking, the Super 3135 movement is more suitable to become the second high imitation watch, that is, with ETA movement and then want to play a watch, then the Super 3135 will bring you unprecedented freshness, but if purely practical Point of view, ETA movement is more suitable for the first piece of high imitation watch the preferred movement, Because this is a great Made in China, is also a milestone in the high imitation watch movement, the Super 3135 in my eyes is equivalent to the first in 2006 IPhone phone, although it is not as good as the signal Nokia, can not record video. No copy and paste function, can not replace the background, there is no APP "smart phone" but will not affect its position to brighten your eyes.