ETA 2836-2 how to change the GMT function is achieved

I remember a long time ago in the Forum Forum Friends of curiosity asked, I have also mentioned in the post this issue, but did not explain in detail, with a simple pass. Led to understand people do not need to see, do not understand people do not understand ... ... This makes me feel very sad for my grammar, well, today this article I will explain in detail how the GMT function is applied to the replica rolex 2836-2 On the past I always write a lot of copy written in the article, this time I try to point directly in the picture, and then use the article to explain in detail, if we approve of such a way, then a lot of explanation posted later, I will write this way, so that we know more We can note that, in fact, GMT pin, the realization of the principle is for the ETA 2836-2 week disk function through, add and modify the firmware, modify and adjust. But such changes are not directly applied on it. We can imagine that the week for the seven display bits, Monday - Sunday, and GMT pin, is the need to turn 24 cells, so the week can not be directly applied to the firmware need to be studied and modified, so this work can not be called simple. At the same time in the uk replica watches case of adding a pointer, but also need to achieve ETA2836-2 basic movement of the needle needs, which is learned. Need to add a special tailored wheel to drive, and to try again and again angle, in order to ensure the normal function, then simply in the end is how to achieve it? The key part of this gear, the gear was originally responsible for adjusting the driving wheel of the week, but in the modification need to remove the gear, in the gear below to add an auxiliary wheel, to GMT 24 hours. As we can see, when we adjust the GMT needles, the adjustment gears have obviously hit the auxiliary wheels of the week gears, and the GMT gears are driven by the rotation of the auxiliary wheels. Adjustment. However, when we adjust the calendar when the gear is back to the date part of the drive paddles to adjust the date. Is simply a collection of a return Yellow part of the clock is mainly to replica watches maintain the hours of the watch, when the second hand of the normal function of this humble time wheel is very important, if not installed in place, very prone to GMT pin or hour hand failure, such as the clock does not go, The GMT needle and the hour hand does not correspond to a wide range of problems, the reason may be just the angle of the wheel, or just the direction of the wheel and so on. Well, I believe that after reading this article on the ETA 2836-2 modified to understand the GMT, this seemingly simple modification, also have to pay a lot of energy and time, more importantly, these are not rules And the standard program can learn, is entirely dependent on the intuition and repeated attempts to install, at the same time the production of modified pieces also determines its durability, Rolex original Cal.3186 movement even its GMT function design patent protection , Including the number of gears, the gear material, rotation, and so a series of technical patents as a protection, we can see the importance of all this.