Detailed: imitation Glashutte PANOINVERSE XL Series 66-01 watch

Seems to have a long time not updated on the low-cost high-imitation table Xiangjie, then today I come to you to explain a low-cost imitation table, said low-cost, that is, we often say "a false" Most of the table friends, and even businesses will reveal the expression of disdain. That low-grade, low-quality, Low symbol. So how do I think? If you want to know my views as a primary school students in the replica rolex watches industry, or you think of low-grade imitation of the people, may wish to read my article, I hope you can help. This imitation imitation table is the Glashütte PANOINVERSE XL series of 66-01 style, making this model of the open mold is only one purpose, the original double-gooseneck with the original features engraved down, and then display the flywheel, if According to the true and false to determine, this table can be said to be completely "a false", we all know, PANOINVERSE XL dual device is now on the right side of the watch, and this table because the use of MIYOTA solution, : If you do not understand MIYOTA movement can go to my blog to see my evaluation before making) makes this table, only in the 6 o'clock position of the window, showing the second round position. At the same time PANOINVERSE XL genuine 4-pin watch, but this imitation table, only three needles, if and genuine together, you can completely think that this is two watches, not a "true" a "false" But if someone asked me, then you say this imitation fake rolex watches, is a good watch it? I can be sure that the answer is that this form of excellence is that he used the best PVD gold-plated process, making the case looks very close to K gold, but also to try to do a good goose Neck regulator patch, the patch work to do quite beautiful, even more remarkable is that in order to achieve a fresh effect, directly on the patch has added a shock absorber gem, which is not possible to provide MIYOTA program , Entirely from the mold of their own creation, we can look at the details of the figure below, the mold is indeed very hard in the imitation PANOINVERSE XL characteristics, On this low-cost imitation of the table to talk about here, I write this article in addition to let everyone know this watch, there is another purpose, which may be a lot of friends and even Friends of the table did not mind to, My personal view, there is no false form, is the so-called a false, but the open model for the understanding of the watch itself, any open model, when the template will be thinking before you decide whether to put the money, because This not only requires a lot of money, but also requires a lot of energy and wisdom. Only one purpose to make this table more beautiful, better sell Therefore, in my view, each high imitation table, or leave the replica watches uk, although his shortcomings, but are the product of the crystallization of wisdom, there is labor to pay, there is wisdom to pay, so simply call As a "false" I personally do not agree with, after all, no one promised you "a true." It is just a watch, condensed the wisdom of the Chinese people open mold manufacturing.