Detailed description of the precious metal watches and clocks: gold - with 18K gold recently tried the progress

Recently, these days seem to have not updated anything, but also owes a low-end watches do not speak in detail, I see in the background we seem to watch on the low end and not too much interest, traffic seems not very high, that I have recently been studying the precious metals on the watch process, attention, is the real precious metal process, not cheap is not the most expensive, Of the PVD (vacuum plating) color and the like, which in a few years ago has been other open model of thorough research process, but the real gold process, in this one of the domestic high imitation table and not too much to take Get the hand model. If you would like to know the process of gold, or want to know the progress of my research, may wish to look at this article, should be helpful to you. This time the biggest progress, of course, is my most gratifying thing is that we finally found a very strong with the strength of the precious metals processing enterprises are willing to cooperate with us for precious metals processing, of course, I also seek the consent of the partners, the announcement of this The name of the enterprise, the company called "tide Acer" stock code (002345) is specialized in the processing of precious metals processing enterprises, vice president of China Jewelry Association unit. If you have friends in the hope that the rolex replica watches legitimate business scope of the precious metal processing can find the company, the real conscience recommendation, although the price will be higher than many other factories, but can really achieve the effect you want. And high-quality, adequate. Of course, our cooperation is also within the scope of the law, we just ask each other in the case in the amount of precious metals processing, does not involve the Logo, and any infringement. Therefore, we do not erroneous transfer of false domestic listed companies. And some other nonsensical topic to create trouble for others. Well, here we take a look at the sample factory delivered to us, tell the truth, so I personally also not very satisfied with the sample, although it is full of real money, but replica watches uk still feel some color on the subdued, shiny level yet To achieve the effect I want, of course, this is just a stage, no one product in place of this argument. Can only slowly progress, whether it is high imitation or original are so. The figure is in the gold before the stainless steel model, before I have and everyone popular science PVD process and the difference between gold, in fact, both are gold-plated, but PVD is more biased in favor of color, while gold is consumed Real real money, in the sensory effect and durability is essentially different. However, in high imitation watches, and even the domestic world, because of irresponsible publicity, or in order to make higher sales, we are unified is gold-plated, and now we generally say counterfeit Swiss movement, directly referred to as Swiss machine same. This is the production side to our 18K rose gold model, I personally feel contrast 18K gold high-end brand process, oil seems to be enough, simply is not enough red, it seems to coax a little, but compared to find other Manufacturers do 18K gold, the effect has been a lot better. I am now very satisfied, but the rolex replica uk effect of rose gold, I think I can improve some of my best results and the Patek Philippe 5078R-001 as the red gold effect of the effect of gold, , Because this is the most I see the color of the red gold. Here to keep you peer friends say, is about the thickness of gold, because it is factory operation, so when the thickness of the requirements to pay special attention, once the case thickness, especially the lock, and the screw Bit, once exceeded, the entire case will be void, because simply buckle die, while waterproof design should be redesigned. I personally recommend the production of gold package, it is best to prepare several sets of models in batches of gold, not a large number of one-time. The following figure I will show you the effect of template synthesis. All right. The process of gold on the package here. This is also my personal for the precious metal high imitation table of a trial process. Once I reach the satisfaction of the results I will launch the related products. And do the depth of the evaluation to blow the bragging. Now, everyone and I enjoy the process of breeding it, thank you for watching,